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About Your Local Health Store

Since 1997, Country Harmony has been on a quest to bring natural and organic foods and nutritional supplements to our local community in Lehighton, PA. Our goal is to enlighten, inform, and promote a healthy lifestyle, helping you to get back on the path to well-being and harmony.

We also have Chiren Light Therapy and Live Cell Analysis consultations; Ear Candling and ionCleanse available. Additionally we offer grass fed beef, eggs, raw milk and cheese.

For customers who are interested in improving their health, finding natural beauty products, and just having an overall better diet and lifestyle, we're here to help. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and can assist you in remedying your dietary needs, help you on vitamin selections, and much more.

Eating and living healthy doesn't have to be difficult. Country Harmony is here to make it easy and enjoyable. Whether you've been eating healthy all of your life or you've recently made a dietary change, allow us to assist you in making the healthiest food and holistic choices possible.

Contact us today at 570-386-3576 to ask about our products